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Comparative Microphone Graphs with Basic Information

The following pages are meant to provide a quick comparison between microphone graphs. It is important to note that frequency response and polar plots are just two pieces of information that should be considered when choosing a microphone for your specific needs. Other important specifications include size, weight, self noise, distortion, sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, maximum input sound pressure level, phase coherency, and price. Some of this information is provided, but it is not exhaustive.

These graphs were taken from each manufacturer's website either directly from a product page or from within the product manual and they each have different methods of displaying similar information. As such you will see different graphs displaying differing scales and amounts of detail. If particular microphones are missing, it is because either I have failed to recognize them, or there was a lack of data included by the manufacturer.
I will attempt to update and add microphones as time allows.

Please use this information only as a guide to make a basic comparison between microphones of interest and be sure visit each manufacturer's website for more information. Another very useful and detailed source of information can be found at (requires login). The pages below are more meant to give a broad image of the many microphones on the market.

You should always rent or borrow any major piece of equipment to use in your real world environment before purchasing.
Make a selection below to choose which type of microphone you want to compare.

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Super/Hyper Cardioids


Buy Local


By supporting local businesses you help to boost your local economy by keeping more money in your community. Additionally, local purchases help to fill gaps in the market.

Simply put, the more you are aware of your local venders and the more that you keep money from flowing out of your community, the better your local venders can fulfill the needs within your market. It also helps to ensure better customer support for you and allows the ability to put a face to the company that you are dealing with. You are also helping to support local employment, which ought to make you feel pretty good.

In the Pacific Northwest, DVeStore is owned by Guy Cochran and is a great resource for Audio and Video needs. This is where I choose to purchase my equipment and Guy has been very helpful in supporting my business requirements.
2727 W. Marine View Dr.
Everett, WA 98201


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